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Two U.S. Marines in World War II are assigned to protect Navajo Marines, who use their native language as an unbreakable radio cypher.

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original title: Windtalkers

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During World War II when the Americans needed to find a secure method of communicating they devised a code using the Navajo language. So Navajos were recruited to become what they call code talkers. They would be assigned to a unit and would communicate with other units using the code so that even though the enemy could listen they couldn't understand what they were saying. And to insure that the code is protected men are assigned to protect it at all costs. One of these men is Joe Enders, a man who sustained an injury that can make him unfit for duty but he manages to avoid it and is told of his duty and that the man he is suppose to protect is Ben Yahzee. Initially there is tension but the two men learn to get along. In the close quarters and brutal fighting of the World War II Pacific Theater, the U.S. Intelligence services desperately seek a fool-proof encryption code, immune to the code breakers of the Japanese. The answer is soon discovered in the ancient language of the Navajo. Enlisted into the Marine Corps are several "Windtalkers" who are deployed to frontline areas in the Pacific, to use their language as an impossible-to-crack secret code. A drawback, however, is that the U.S. military soon puts forth a directive that the Windtalkers must never be captured alive by the enemy, so additional Marines are assigned to make certain that this directive is carried out to the letter. ** POSSIBLE SPOILERS** The story of the Navajo code talkers was one of the great success stories of World War 2 and had not received it due for so long. Woo had picked an excellent and very worthy topic to film. However the code talkers story deserved so much more than it received in this film. While some parts were well done, The movie suffered from far too much Hollywood movie "action" that was artificially inserted to "jazz" it up. Woo likes action films and usually does them well "Face Off" for example. Reality was not a big issue in that movie, but if you are telling a story from real life which appeared to be the intent of this film, then overdoing the action hurts it. There was a constant litany of contrived scene after contrived scene designed to allow more and bigger special effects (mostly big explosions) rather than build and enhance the story. The tactics and manuevers used in the movie reflect a flawed Hollywood mentality trying to set up a scene for big special effects, and NOT what the Marines (who were fairly wise to Japanese tactics by the time they landed on Saipan) really used. The movie did fairly well in potraying the brutal, savage, no quarter type of close hand to hand combat that the Marines faced with the Japanese. The fighting in the town and brush were OK in that respect.

But ONLY in a Hollywood movie do artillery rounds land right on target on the first shot. It was absolutely RIDICULOUS to see nearly EVERY shot be precise enough to hit a tank, truck, or individual man!! I spent 2 years in an artillery battalion, it does NOT work that way. There are too many flaws to even begin to list them. These flaws and the numerous contrived situations in the movie caused the real story (which should have been most important) to be lost. Woo should stick to action films with story lines that allow a person to suspend their disbelief (like Face Off). Windtalkers was just a bunch of hot air. Too bad, the guys in real life deserved better representation. My vote is a 3 out of 10. Like Ali, an interesting story made into an uninteresting movie. The filmmakers must have had a checklist for things to include in this movie like 40s race relations, what the soldiers were going to do after the war, the leader ravaged by battle, ect. When the characters are not engaged in war movie cliches, they are involved in over-choreographed battle ballets making war look like a circus rather than a struggle. Multi-angled shots of explosions, slow motion shots of people flying through the air, and kung-fu knife fights took me right out of the movie. There is a place to use fancy explosion scenes and choreographed fights, but not in a war-is-hell movie like this tried to be. If you like watching blood spill, knife fights, and explosions in slow motion, then this is the movie for you, and a fast forward button. Woo's antiwar intentions and his talent are at odds. In Windtalkers, war is a beautiful hell. During World War II, U.S. Marine Sergeants Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) and Pete "Oz" Anderson (Christian Slater) are each assigned to protect two Navajo Indians, Privates Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Charlie Whitehorse (Roger Willie) respectively, recruited for the sole purpose of using their native language in the western Pacific island of Saipan as an impossible-to-crack encryption code. In reality, however, it is the code Enders and Anderson are assigned to protect at all cost, not the code-talkers. Although the story presented in the film is fiction, it is based on hundreds of Native Americans, referred to as code talkers, who used their native languages to transmit impossible-to-crack coded messages during the first and second World Wars. Yahzee manages to get a message to the flyboys, giving them the coordinates of the Japanese artillery. As they attempt to make a run for safety, they are both hit with gunfire. Figuring that they are about to be either killed or captured, Yahzee turns Enders' gun on himself and tells Enders to shoot him as ordered to protect the code, but Enders refuses. Instead, he carries Yahzee on his shoulders into the safety of a dugout. Suddenly, allied planes fly overhead and strike the Japanese shooting from the ridge. Yahzee notices the wound in Enders' chest and tries to comfort him. Enders admits that he didn't want to shoot Charlie and begins to recite the "Hail Mary" as he dies. In the final scene, Yahzee and his family stand on the top of Point Mesa in Monument Valley. Yahzee places Enders' dogtags around his son's neck and tells him what a "brave warrior" Enders was. As Yahzee recites a Navajo prayer in Enders' honor, a text screen reads: "The Navajo Code was vital in the victory at Saipan and every major battle in the Pacific. The code was never broken."


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